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1  Crisis Management, Risk Management
  1. Senior Crisis Manager for a large international IT Outsourcing firm. Reporting to EMEA top management, I helped my client find adequate crisis management structures and tools during a severe deal crisis that put in question the capability of the regional IT delivery organisation. Devised (and lead where necessary) task forces (E.g., during mission critical go-live phases), set-up a satisfatory reporting structure, helped educate my customers client (finance industry) to come down from unrealistic expectations where necessary and feasible, drove inconvenient escalations (including the very ugly ones) to enforce decisions. Significantly contributed to reduce noise in the transformation project part by either streamlining activities, solving skill/personal issues or active coaching of key role players involved with the deal. Covered the whole range from IT support, IT operation, data centre migration, local-based services, monitoring, application migration issues, e.g.
  2. Senior Projekt Manager for a large and complex IT-Infrastrucure project of national importance. Task: Solve systemic project crisis with potentially over 100.000 affected users. High political pressure. Media covering in daily press. Result: Project in acceptable shape after 10 months of numerous decision memos, several task forces and aggressively tackling hard issuess which the previous organisation failed to do because of lacking will, insight and management standing
  3. Senior Projekt Manager and Crisis Manager of a paneuropean Change-Management-Tool-Rollout for a big US American IT outsourcing firm. Task: Push 1200 users of all levels of the IT-hierarchy to a new change management process. Challenge: Users with heterogeneous understanding of the process, distributed over 7 European countries; immature tool of a U.K. software dump umfamiliar with the process requirements of a complex and mature multinational IT organisation; complex workflow in combination with a superficial training concept leaving the users alone; heterogeneous desktops lacking state-of-the-art maintenace faculty; high political pressure on management involved in selection of the new tool. Result: Successfully pushed process and tool to the whole organisation with 1200 users
  4. Taskforce leader: Task: Damage limitation after a severe and sudden know how loss to my client as a consequence of a entire organisation unit having had quit the company, leaving back the client's customers factually orphaned
  5. Risk Manager for a national E-Government project in crisis: Task: Daily report to top management in the role of a "embedded consultant". Devised and successfully lead several mission critical task forces; customer pays special bonus for extraordinary achievement
  6. Taskforce leader: Task: Set-up a Management Information System (MIS) for the liquidity management in a large national public project

2  Projekt Audit, Program Audit
  1. Auditor for the corporate-wide introduction of a IT-Planing and Management Software for a German car maker. Result: Project halted after negative review
  2. On-site Auditor during the launch of a SAP based logistics software at tghe chinese iste of a German car maker
  3. On-site Auditor during the feasibility study of a software covering the whole range of the retail processes in the japanese subsidiary of a German car maker

3  Decision Memos, Complex Coordination
  1. Author of a technical feasibility study and financial business case for a German car maker. Subject: Physical and logical consolidation and Outsourcing (in Germany) of the entire retail software platform. Volume: ~750 retail outlets with more than 14.000 users. Result: Not feasible at reasonable cost
  2. Consultant for the management of a Chinese Universal Bank in a Data Warehouse case. Challenge: Migrating a universal bankís heterogeneous data inventory for backoffice analysis into a unified data repository. Result: Failure. Reason: Mission impossible
  3. Author of a large IT migration business case. Objectives: Integration of frontoffice and backoffice processes of all German retail outlets using SAP. Volume: ~50 Mio Ä over 10 years, 4500 concerned users. Result: BC accepted by top management
  4. Author of several decision memos for the top management (all accepted) about long- and short term options for a SAP warehouse based financial reporting
  5. Author of a calculation scheme for evaluating the cost/performance ratio of tour operater software
4  Coaching, Interim Management, Consulting
  1. As Junior Partner of a top management consultant, authored a comprehensive and detailed change plan for a 100+ Person application development organisation for the German subsidiary of a Swiss insurance company. Result: Analysis and measures accepted by CIO and IT staff. Customer was very pleased with catalogue of measures which have been implemeted to a large degree to the customer's express satisfaction
  2. For a large German IT services company, coached the project manager of a Chinese-German SAP-logistics project in managing a complex multi-party and geographically distributed team. Result: All milestones were kept, project finished in time and budget
  3. For a large German IT services company, coached the Top-Manager in how to integrate the supplier and customer's processes from a general-contractor-point of view
  4. For a mid-sized German software company, successfully reorganized the defect removal process in a very large software project. Challenge: Having many difficult-to-steer parties work together including the customerís customer. Result: This is to-date the only working end-to-end-process in that project
  5. For a German car maker, coached the manager of a large software roll-out programme in marketing, supplier relationship and quality management

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