> Eisenkolb Consulting

I am specialized on repairing / restructuring / bringing to a favourable end large IT Projects and on solving / helping to solve hard issues in the difficult political environment of big IT-Organizations, IT Progammes, IT Projects
*). With a high success rate**) throughout the last 10 years I have gained a solid reputation as an efficient and effective problem solver with worldwide operating corporate clients.

computer scientist by education with additional economic training, I have had exposure to and successfully dealt with a vast array of technologies, solutions, problem situations, IT management fashion nonsense and true and pseudo leader personalities.

My approach to solving large IT problems is universal (not tied to any specific methodology, framework, technical predilections), based on experience, strictly analytical-empirical, and uncompromisingly situational. My real life experience comprises software management, infrastructure transformation, system integration, IT infrastructure outsourcing.

For the sake of structure, my services can be categorized in the following four areas of expertise:

IT-Projects (I):
   - Manage project
     (also interim)
   - Clear a critical
     situation as    
     "Critsit Manager"

  - Run a task force


IT-Projects (II):
   - Conduct audit***)
   - Do health check
   - Report to top
     management as

Consulting (I)
  - Write decision
  - Do a feasibility   
  - Do nemawashi
  - Facilitate an


Consulting (II)
  - Optimize an 
  - Coach the Project


To sum up, I have a preference for heavy duty
assignments in the context of large national or international IT Ventures which either a) are already in a crisis, or, b) will forseeably be in crisis mode before long, or, c) are in a dubious, unclear, hazy state or condition.

Depending on the nature of the assignement or the phase within an assignment or out of political considerations, I am prepared to act the roles of a,
e.g., "critsit" manager, consultant, senior project manager, taskforce leader, interim manager.

For each of the expert areas above, A-D, I dispose of several references to successful and recent assignments. If and when suitable personal contact to reference customers can be arranged.

I am looking forward to receiving your phone call under +49 163 160 70 29

*) In the work environment of large national and international IT-Projects and IT-Programmes communication issues and conflicting interests between stake holders add a good deal to the complexity. This makes for demanding conditions for external consultants
in particular most of whom struggel hard to meet the requirements of the job
**) 100% success rate with a sample size > 30
***) A good preparation for activities listed under A
****) Non disclosure agreement